Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How Taco Bell Put the Mexican in American

The Los Angeles Times published an article on Januar 24, 2010 (page A29) by Gustavo Arellano (author of the syndicated column 'Ask a Mexican') titled "How Taco Bell put the Mexican in American" that relates directly to the Ruiz reading from last week. It was prompted by the death of Glen Bell, the founder of Taco Bell. Arellano writes:

"More important, Taco Bell and its spawn became a gateway for Americans to accept Mexicans. It hasn't been an easy ride, of course, but one smoothed by an endless stream of refried beans and nacho cheese. If you can sit down and enjoy the cuisine of newcomers, then surely you can start thinking of them as fellow citizens, right? And with Taco Bell's recent push into international markets, it's making as bold a statment as any in the immigration wars, one that's downright revolutionary: Mexican food can represent U.S. culture with nary a second thought."

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