Thursday, February 2, 2012

Different Perspective

Our reading about museums and the topic being brought about only a "certain class" of people actually going to museums made me think about the museums near my house and what they might have to offer.  There are three museums in Riverside: Riverside Metropolitan Museum, Riverside Art Museum, and The UCR/ California Museum of Photography.  I've contemplated checking them out but never have.  After looking over their respective websites, I've discovered several different exhibits that actually end either this weekend or fairly soon.  The best thing is that they are either free of cheap to get into.  For anyone interested, this weekend is the last for "California Trees, The 1932 Exhibit Revisited" at the CA Museum of Photography.   This weekend, I'll take advantage of what the city has to offer for a little mental stimulation.  It'll be a nice break away from scholarly reading for all my classes.  Though it more than likely won't be a controversial exhibit like "The West as America", seeing what the Riverside museums have to offer might open my world to the local history of where I reside.

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