Thursday, April 19, 2012

American History X

One of my favorite films of all time is American History X. Not a film I could watch more than once a year, if that (I do not know anyone who can), I believe that it is a film everyone should see. Every film has its problematic elements, do not get me wrong, but the power of the film, and the true story it is based on, is undeniable.  I was reluctant to watch the film when it was first suggested to me by a friend, however I am eternally grateful to him for forcing me to sit through the film, swallow my discomforts with the topic and face the realities of issues it confronts.
 The film, set in Los Angeles (parts set right in our backyard, Chino), follows Derek Vineyard, a recently released from prison former neo-Nazi white supremacist gang leader, as he struggles to keep his younger brother from becoming entrenched in the his former circle of racist hatred and violence. While that is probably the most basic description I could give of the film without giving too much away, I highly recommend that those of you who have not seen the film expose yourself to it and the topics and questions it raises through the tragedy of the narrator and his family. 
I will keep this post short and to the point, as I feel the film itself says so much more that I can give it justice for in a simple blogpost, and leave you with the original theatrical trailer (1998).  

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