Monday, February 8, 2010

Avatar in 3D

So far in the class, some of the themes we have discussed deal with what it means to be an American to different people and the idea of an “American empire.” In class when Professor Pohl made a connection between the class readings with the movie Avatar, I was very much intrigued to see the movie. This past Sunday I told myself “Lindsay go watch the movie”and so I went to watch Avatar in 3D. As I was watching the movie, I was able to connect different instances in American history with the events that were happening in the movie. For example, like the Native Americas from North and South America who were colonized by the Europeans the Na'vi people of Pandora were removed from their home with the use of violence. However, unlike the Na'vi from Pandora, the Native Americans did not succeed in preventing the Europeans from taking away their lands, their goods, and way of life. As the movie ended, I thought to myself “Wow, it's better than what I expected.” The sky people represented the “American empire” as Green Fryd calls it.

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