Friday, March 19, 2010

NOMAs Af-Am Art

My father recently went to New Orleans on business and, on one of his days off, went to NOMA, or the New Orleans Museum of Art. He returned back home praising their collection and suggesting he and I return there to check out their upcoming exhibit Beyond the Blues: Reflections of African America in the Fine Arts Collection of the Amistad Research Center [April 10-July 11]. Thru connections, he was able to get a preview of the collection to be displayed. His report dictated that the exhibit was a fair combination of contemporary pieces with historical goodies sprinkled in throughout. The collection features sculptures, paintings, prints and slightly less developed sketches and drafts of more developed masterpieces. Totaling over 140 works, the collection misses nothing on the subjects of classes, races, and other divisions in African American life, including that in New Orleans itself. My father says that the glimpse he was given was extraordinary, but the general public will have to wait for another month before it is unveiled.

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