Sunday, April 18, 2010


As I was looking for lasting effects of the Watts Riots, I ran into something unexpected: Krumping. I had heard of it before, and even seen it done on the new MTV show The Buried Life. But how do the riots and Krumping have anything to do with each other? Well, Krumping is the new street dance that is hitting big in South Los Angeles. Since the riots, the Southside of LA has always been considered a dangerous and hard neighborhood. Drugs, violence, and crime seem to be the majority of things that go on there, but Krumping could be the new way out.

The people that live in South LA are using this high-energy style of dance as a new way to release any anger or hostility they have. By battling other people, they transform this anger into dance. Many say it has gotten them out of the drug and crime life they had been living, and because of that, it may have saved their lives. One example is Tommy the Clown. He says he used to be in the drug life, frequented jail, and lived a dangerous life. When he got out, he decided to change. He became Tommy the Clown and krumps in a full clown costume. He has moved forward and left the drugs and jail behind, thanks to Krumping.

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